How to correctly measure an ST Trailer Tire

Towing a trailer is an undertaking that must be taken seriously for safety reasons. The load being towed and the size of the trailer must be able to handle the job. The trailer tires should be sufficient to handle the load being hauled.
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Radial Trailer Tires vs. Bias Ply Trailer Tires

Freight haulers pull trailers full of goods to businesses throughout the country. The long haulers travel across road conditions that can cause wear-and-tear to the trailer tires, eventually causing the driver to have the tires on his trailer replaced.

Deciding on the right tires for your trailer is essential to ensure the best traction and wear resistance so that the shipment can reach its destination. Since trailers have no driving mechanism to move the tires, only braking equipment, the trailer tires must allow for full stability on the road without the trailer swaying during turns if the trailer has high side loads.

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Aluminum Trailer Rims vs. Galvanized Trailer Rims

When it comes to choosing trailer rims, there’s more to consider than style. You’ll need to ensure that your rims can withstand any substance or chemical they may be exposed to. This is especially important if you’re planning to use your trailer for marine purposes. Salt water can wreak havoc on rims, causing them to corrode. Choosing the correct metal for you trailer rims is more than a matter of visual appearance but one of durability. Here are some benefits and advantages to take into consideration when determining whether aluminum or galvanized trailer rims are right for you.
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How to measure your trailer rim lug pattern

When you’re looking to upgrade the wheels on your trailer or you need new trailer wheel hubs, you need to know the lug pattern to determine the correct size. Typical trailer wheel sizes range from 14-to-18-inch with 4 lug, 5 lug, 6 lug or 8 lug patterns. The lug pattern measures the diameter around the circle formed by the lugs on the wheel. Two numbers designate lug patterns, the first is the number of lugs on the wheel and the second is the distance measured across from each lug, or the diameter.
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