Trailer Wheels and Tires Technical Definitions Guide

You may not think of your trailer wheels as being particularly specialized, but there are actually many specific measurements that must be just right. The wheel's size ensures that it flows smoothly with the others and that the cargo you are carrying on the trailer has a smooth, safe ride to your destination. When you're measuring your trailer wheel, you need to pay attention to several specific dimensions.
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Prefix Letters used by the Tire and Rim Association in Tire Size Designations and Their Definitions


Prefix letters are included, when necessary, as part of Tire Size Designations to differentiate between tires designed for service conditions which
may require different loads and inflations and/or tires designed for, and which must be used on, different types of rims.
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Trailer Wheel and Tire Fitment Guide

To find the appropriate Trailer Tire for your Trailer Wheel, please view the fitment chart below.

Our Trailer Wheels and Trailer Tires have been rigorously tested, to ensure that they exceed Department of Transportation standards. If you still have questions, please contact our tech help department toll free at (800) 281-0769 International Callers please dial +001 (714) 995-4353.

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The following map depicts the FedEx Ground service area that is currently available, and the approximate delivery times from our warehouse in Cypress, California U.S.A.   

Ground service to residential addresses (Home Delivery) in some major metropolitan areas is available Monday through Saturday. 

Ground service to business addresses is available Monday through Friday.

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Radial Trailer Tires vs. Bias Ply Trailer Tires

Freight haulers pull trailers full of goods to businesses throughout the country. The long haulers travel across road conditions that can cause wear-and-tear to the trailer tires, eventually causing the driver to have the tires on his trailer replaced.

Deciding on the right tires for your trailer is essential to ensure the best traction and wear resistance so that the shipment can reach its destination. Since trailers have no driving mechanism to move the tires, only braking equipment, the trailer tires must allow for full stability on the road without the trailer swaying during turns if the trailer has high side loads.

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How to correctly measure an ST Trailer Tire

Towing a trailer is an undertaking that must be taken seriously for safety reasons. The load being towed and the size of the trailer must be able to handle the job. The trailer tires should be sufficient to handle the load being hauled.
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