Lug Nuts

Trailer Wheel Torque Procedure

1. After mounting a trailer wheel over the studs, thread and snug the lug nuts on the studs by hand. This will reduce the possibility of cross threading.

2. Following the order of the "Torque Sequence" illustration (see below) for your particular bolt pattern, torque the lug nuts 25 ft/lb.

3. Again, in sequential order, torque the lug nuts to 50% of their final torque value.

4. Finally, in sequential order, torque the lug nuts to 100% of their final torque value.

5. Re-torque after the first 25 miles, 50 miles, and again at 100 miles of use. Check periodically thereafter.

5-Stud 6-Stud 8-Stud 10-Stud
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